Latest Reel

This shows some of my animal and human animation and mocap editing work on Total War: Rome II.
All of the animations are done by me, on the grey characters too, unfortunately I don't have textures for those!
You can watch more recent (wip) work in the video below this one.
If you have time, I suggest watching my 2010 reel too as it shows some acting and facial animation.

Total War: Rome II - Animation Reel

Latest WIP Animations

The next video is a short collection of quick playblasts of animations I'm working on.
Please bear in mind the video is unedited and most of the animations are not polished.

Work in progress animations

Old Stuff

Animation Reel 2010

Animation Reel 2008

Mr.Cropperfield, my graduation short film! (2008)

Blur, the fake movie trailer! (2007)